Diamond Services

Rs. 700,000

7Lac (+18% GST)

  • Matchmaking professionals visit you to examine your lifestyle to ensure a reliable background check.
  • To be a Wedding Tales member, you need to give the details on which you would base your requirements in quest of an ideal life partner.
  • To join Wedding Tales, you must provide your data comprehensively and precisely with your personal information and the criteria upon which you would base your needs for an ideal life partner.
  • The details obtained are then recorded in our system and carefully matched with other propositions along with all the information.
  • Only the proposals checked by our team of specialists and compatible are offered to you.
  • In addition to providing individual counselling, our customer service representative will discuss your profile with the approved profiles. Coordination of family meetings and candidate meetings by meeting experts is a crucial factor in this package and will be part of all the meetings.
  • Each diamond member is assigned a personal relationship manager who connects every ten days.
  • A group of well-known astrologers also match the horoscopes in this package.

*Same amount will be charged once the alliance is fixed through us.