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We are India's high end matrimonial services, connecting influential families & ex-pats globally. All you have to do is let our team get to know you on a personal level, and we will arrange everything from there.

We work with you to define your ideal partner and, together, work towards achieving your goals.

What sets us apart?

✓ Trusted by influential businessmen & families ✓ Catered to 1000s of Successful Matches across world. ✓ 100% Personalized and Confidential Services ✓ Over 15+ years of experience in Matrimonial services. ✓ Handpicked Verified Elite Profiles













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Detective Service

Detective service

  • 15 years

    Of Experience

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    Successful Alliances

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The Trust factor...

The Trust Factor Wedding Tales Matrimony

Dinesh Mohan

The Trust Factor Tanaaz & Bhaktiyar Irani

Tanaaz & Bhaktiyar Irani

The Trust factor Apara Mehta

Apara Mehta

The Trust Factor Delnaaz Irani

Delnaaz Irani

Seema Trikha

Deependra Singh & Savita Singh

NRI Client

Amar Agrawal

Zysha Ahmed

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The Wedding Tales

The happiness saga

Uday Wadhera & Rupali

Regarding matching initially we were not so confident,but when we got registered with Wedding tale matrimony got all our queries and tensions relieved. The process went pretty much smooth as they were very much understanding of our needs thus found a perfect match. Very good and unique services. They are good at their job. Cheers to them


Sunil Jindal & Manisha Garg

Best experience ever, I have met my compatible partner here as well, the best and most genuine partner here, best service ever, once again thank you so much wedding tales matrimony.

New Delhi

The Wedding Tales Roly & Tushar

Roly & Tushar


WEDDING TALES MATRIMONY is the definition of high-end matchmaking services. Everyone used to say have patience, you will meet your soulmate. Little did I know that Wedding Tales Matrimony would be a blessing and match me with my True Soulmate. Grateful to them for making me meet my other half!

New Delhi

The Wedding Tales Deepali & Manav

Deepali & Manav

WEDDING TALES MATRIMONY is the definition of high-end matchmaking services. All you have to do is let our team get to know you on a personal level, and we will arrange everything from there. Our matchmaking model uniquely blends professional consultation with a foundation of psychological principles. We work with you to define your ideal partner and, together, work towards achieving your goals.

New Delhi

The Wedding Tales Mrigna Singh & Utkarsh Goyal

Mrigna Singh & Utkarsh Goyal

Exceptional Service! It's been an year and we are so grateful that we trusted Wedding Tales Matrimony. We are still amazed at the compatibility we both share, never thought I could find a great companion in my husband, but thankfully they knew!


The Wedding Tales Purvi Vijay and Vinayak Modi

Purvi Vijay and Vinayak Modi

If it weren't for a little push from my parents & our fairy God mother- The Wedding Tales Matrimony, I would have never met my wife. Truely in debt to Wedding Tales Matrimony.


The Wedding Tales Tushar Gupta & Radhika Modi

Tushar Gupta & Radhika Modi

The best part about my wedding? I found my match within the first try- this rarely happened when I contacted other platforms. They had tailored a list that specifically resonated with what I was searching for. Forever grateful to these guys!


The Wedding Tales Sumesh Bhangar & Ishanika Tibrewal

Sumesh Bhangar & Ishanika Tibrewal

Wedding Tales Matrimony- it's on our list whenever someone brings up they are searching for their life-partner. That's how happy we are with them!


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The Wedding Tales

The happiness saga

  • Confidential Package

    Confidential package

    Our exceptional success rate has seen us welcomed into the world's most privileged and fiercely guarded social circle. An exclusive service, the biodata are personally selected only by the senior marriage counsellor, where the confidentiality of your ward and your family is maintained.

    Personal visit to the family

    Biodata shortlisting and personalized
    case handling by a senior
    marriage counsellor

    Your profiles are only sent with
    your consent

    Arranging meetings with desired
    profiles accompanied by a
    senior counsellor

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  • Meeting Package

    meeting package

    We are known for our selection process- which is rigorous and ruthless. Under this package, our team shortlists compatible proposals, dispatches compatible proposals to both sides of the families and further steps in to arrange meetings between both the families.

    Shortlisting compatible proposals

    Dispatching compatible proposals to
    both the sides

    Arranging meetings between both
    the families

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  • Elite Service

    Elite Service

    Our package provides a professional edge and modernization to the very Indian rooted norms of matrimony. We invite you to join us in an endeavour to search for the most suitable for you. Get a highly-personalized, seamless And confidential match-making experience through this service.

    Shortlisting of bio-data done by
    Mrs Anand (Director)

    Planning personalized visits
    to the family

    Arranging meetings with desired
    profiles accompanied by our director

    Marriage counselling of wards
    hesitant from marriage

    Confidentiality of the ward and
    the family maintained

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  • The Founder

    Mrs Nitika Anand is a Delhiite and a veteran in the matrimonial business. She entered the realm of personal matchmaking way back in 2007 coming from the same professional role with quintessential matchmaking in India. With extensive industry experience and well-developed skills, she provides a personal touch to all her clients and gives them maximum satisfaction. Mrs Nikita Anand values her team and collaborates with them, believing that great service and an ‘a can do’ attitude should be at the forefront of all. Pursuing an industry career that spans nearly 15+ years, she has established a global reputation with clients for building positive relationships. She has worked with business tycoons and elite families and given them immense happniess. Understanding you as a person is how she starts the journey of finding a perfect life partner. She is passionate about matchmaking which has intrigued her with a strong position in the industry. Her inclination is towards elite and high-end matchmaking and she is an amazing listener. A dog lover and avid traveller, she is full of life and a gleaming beam of positivity.


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