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Ritika Dasgupta
(Vice President & Match Maker)

Hello! I am Mrs Ritika Dasgupta, an experienced and dedicated service professional who delivers exceptional customer experiences. With over 8+ years of enriching experience in the service industry, I take pride in building rapport with clients and catering to their unique needs. As a mother of two wonderful girls, I bring a balanced and nurturing approach to my career, ensuring I am passionate about my work and fully committed to achieving success.
In summary, my 8-year journey in the service industry has been fueled by my passion for customer satisfaction, punctuality, and genuine connections. My experience as a mother has instilled in me a sense of responsibility and perseverance, propelling me to excel in my career while maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance.
My paramount priority in the service industry has always been my customers. I firmly believe in going the extra mile to understand their requirements and expectations thoroughly. Active listening and empathy have been pivotal in connecting with guests, allowing me to build lasting relationships and earn their trust. I am motivated by knowing I have positively impacted their lives through impeccable service. Creating a friendly and approachable atmosphere is critical to establishing meaningful client connections. I aim to make each interaction memorable and leave a lasting impression by fostering open communication and demonstrating genuine care. I thrive on the challenge of transforming satisfied clients into loyal patrons who return for the unparalleled service they've come to expect.

Mrs. Deepika Bhalla Bisht
President- Sales and Marketing

Meet Deepika Bisht, an enthusiastic and hardworking professional at Wedding Tales Matrimony, where she holds the position of Vice President and Sales. With a passion for her field of work, she excels in creating memorable moments for couples tying the knot. As a middle-aged woman, Deepika embraces the thrill of adventure, often embarking on exciting drives that let her roll the wheels of excitement. Her wanderlust knows no bounds, as she yearns to explore the globe and discover the beauty it beholds. With a zest for life and a dedication to her career, Deepika continues to inspire those around her with her boundless energy and love for new experiences.

Pardeep Kumar
(Brand Manager & Marketing Head)

I'm Pardeep Kumar, a seasoned professional in the field of digital marketing. With over 7+ years of extensive experience, I currently hold the position of Digital Marketing Head at Wedding Tales Matrimony, a leading online platform for matrimonial services.
Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with multiple e-commerce brands and service-based companies, honing my skills and gaining valuable insights into the ever-evolving digital landscape. This diverse exposure has allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of various industries and their unique marketing requirements.
Equipped with an MBA in marketing, I bring a strategic and analytical approach to my work. I am passionate about leveraging the power of digital channels to drive growth, build brand awareness, and maximize conversions. From crafting effective online campaigns to optimizing customer acquisition and retention strategies, I thrive on delivering measurable results.
What sets me apart is my ability to combine creativity with data-driven insights. By leveraging cutting-edge marketing tools and techniques, I ensure that my strategies are not only innovative but also aligned with the latest industry trends. I believe in staying ahead of the curve and constantly updating my skills to deliver the best possible outcomes for my clients.

Charu Sharma
(Sr. Content Writer)

Hello! I am Mrs Charu Sharma, an experienced content writer with the power of language and the ability to craft engaging and informative content. With over 4+ years of enriching experience in the service industry, I strive to deliver high-quality work that captivates readers and meets their needs. As a content writer, I understand the importance of effective communication and its impact on a target audience. I specialise in creating compelling content across various industries, from business to lifestyle. Whether it's blog posts, articles, website content, or social media posts, I have the skills to tailor my writing style to suit different platforms and audiences. Research is an integral part of my writing process. I research extensively to gather accurate information and ensure my content is well-informed and up-to-date. Furthermore, I am adept at incorporating SEO strategies into my writing to enhance online visibility and optimize content for search engines. I understand the significance of keywords, meta tags, and other SEO elements to improve organic traffic and ranking. My commitment to professionalism, creativity, and delivering content that exceeds expectations sets me apart as a content writer. I am dedicated to meeting deadlines, adhering to client guidelines, and producing work that resonates with the target audience.