The journey of finding an ideal life partner in a foreign land brings a unique blend of joy and happiness to eligible individuals and their families.
Now, the main question is how to find the right one is?
Wedding Tales Matrimony offers Indian matchmaking in the USA with a mission to diffuse this challenge and help you find the right partner who truly understands your goals, values, and aspirations. With over a decade of experience in matchmaking, we have successfully helped many Indian families and their children find their ideal match in the USA.
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Wedding Tales Matrimony is one of the top matrimonial sites in the USA for Indians. It is because of our approach by the matchmakers who understand you and your family and help you find a suitable partner for a lifetime.

Choosing Indian matchmaking in the USA, like Wedding Tales Matrimony, helps you get verified profiles. So, there are no chances of scams and fraud because all the profiles go through a complete background check.
In addition, our matchmakers have an extensive pool of premium families seeking matrimonial alliances for their children in the USA. Moreover, you get personalized services from a dedicated team with complete transparency in communication with the families and prospects.
So, choosing an Indian Matrimonial site in the USA is safest and brings a higher chance of success in matchmaking.

We run a complete background check of each profile, including educational qualification, profession, criminal records, and other personal details. After doing all the verification from our classified sources, we consider them authentic and verified.

Wedding Tales Matrimony does not overwhelm you with various eligible profiles. Once you have selected a profile and have agreed to meet up with the prospective partner and their families, we take the next step by helping you meet one another.
When you are happy with the profile, we do not overwhelm you by showing more profiles. Our information is completely confidential and discreet, giving peace of mind to every family.

Having support from the best Indian matrimonial alliance will keep you away from scamsters and fraudulence. Indian marriage sites, like Wedding Tales Matrimony, run a complete background check on every profile. So, you only get access to verified profiles interested in marriage. You also get a dedicated team of support with personalized guidance.
And the best part is you get an extensive pool of high-profile families keen on finding the right partner, just like you and your family do. Your ideal match is just a call away.

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Alka Agarwal

I would definitely recommend using Wedding Tales matrimonial site for anyone looking for a life partner in Mumbai.

Zian Kohli

Our experience with wedding tales matrimony has been excellent. Wedding Tales Matrimony offers services in Mumbai that are highly recommended.


Thanks to the Wedding Tales team for finding my perfcet match in Mumbai.

Harshita Soni

My experience with Wedding Tales Matrimony was absolutely wonderful! The team is so professional and friendly, and they really took the time to understand my needs and preferences. Mrs Deepika Bhalla and Shruti were particularly helpful, and they made sure I found a match that was perfect for me.

Tanvi Agarwal

Deepika is really cooperative and the best thing about her is she makes sure she understands one's requirements and then only proceeds with searching for prospects.

How Wedding Tales Matrimony Make Matchmaking Journey Smoother?

With Wedding Tales Matrimony, you get the best matchmakers with over a decade of experience in Indian matchmaking in the USA. We highly focus on understanding the needs, values, and goals of you and your family. This helps us find someone with the same thought values.
Here is what our matchmakers excel in:

Understanding Your Needs and Preferences: We do not overwhelm the families by sending different eligible profiles for marriage.So, the first step that our matchmakers take is to understand the needs and preferences of the elite families and their children. The matchmakers find an ideal match who shares the same thought values.

Conducting One to One meeting: Once you and your family like and agree to meet the match and the family, we take the next step by conducting meetings with one another. It helps the individual and their families understand each other better.

Continuous Follow-Ups: Once the meeting is over, we take regular follow-ups from both families to understand whether they would feel comfortable taking the next step.

Premium Pool of Families: Our database has verified profiles only with a complete background check on every profile. After spending over a decade of experience in the matchmaking industry, we have developed connections with many high-profile clients who have found their ideal match.

Why Choose Wedding Tales Matrimony over other Indian marriage sites in the USA?

Wedding Tales Matrimony is one of the top matrimonial sites in the USA for Indian elite families and their children seeking a partner. Our matchmakers offer customized services to all the Indian elite families seeking an ideal partner for their children.
Here is what you get from us when you choose an Indian matchmaking in the USA:
Personalized support from our matchmakers
High confidentiality
Premium pool of elite families
Transparent communication
Expertise in matchmaking
A global network of support
Continuous guidance in the matchmaking journey
Dedicated leadership from seniors and matchmakers