WOMEN, Career & Marriage

How women can ace it all.

Marriage is a transformative journey.

Especially for women, but why should it be a ‘special’ transformation that’s bound to one gender? 

Marriage shakes one’s life dynamic, it’s given. 

New families are formed & born, bringing a wave of new responsibilities that can be worked upon as a team. That’s the beauty of it. 

But often (unfortunately) women are expected to ace it all by themselves ( and no doubt they do it so beautifully) in addition to their career, and a preset personal life that usually fades away in the back. 

A wedlock is supposed to bring the two as a power packed team teaching them to ride the waves of life together. 

So why are women expected to be the solo ‘Multitasker Goddess’ even today? 


Recessive Mentality

Womens sole focus should be Family.

Belief: Women tend to lose their focus from family – and are often frowned upon because household matters including family management are by default a women’s ‘arena’ of expertise and very little to no involvement of her husband in such matters is required. 

Our say: Yes, women find it hard to juggle between both family & career ( specifically if they are living with their in-laws) but that should be normal in the beginning shouldn’t it? 

You can’t expect someone who is so new to the concept of ‘marriage’ to be a pro. 

The demarcation of responsibilities- ‘family & household should be women’s arena’ is a thought of yesteryears.   

Belief: Women should be educated, how else will they rear educated children and become an income-earning member when adversity hits? a.k.a  Job is only an option, not a necessity.

Our Say: Seriously, is that ‘womens’ only sole purpose? Living our own life is portrayed as a secondary choice.

Upbringing of children & family binding requires equal partake of both mother & father.

Despite the popular beliefs- even working parents especially MOTHERS can be GREAT, provided they get support from their husbands and adult family members alike.

It’s tricky at first but many couples have aced this mantra by teaming up together.


Family Responsibility is not limited to WOMEN

The women of today are well-aware of their own betterment and what they need to lead a successful marriage. 

While marrying, both the families are involved and it’s a different type of involvement. It is quite restricting and demanding. 

It is expected from women that they are accountable for all the family related responsibilities. 

Women are allowed to work after marriage just for the sake of societal norms but when it comes to family responsibilities, women are expected to leave everything and keep these things in priority. 

Is there a law for killing a person’s dreams? No, right? But this is how it is. 

Marriage is a shared responsibility

Marriage is a shared pact. The responsibility, the understanding, the communication, the bond, everything is shared between two souls, two minds and two families. 

People these days are aware of these thoughts unlike the older generations. 

Even today, people tend to tell women what to do and how it’s only her responsibility to keep her husband and the families merry. She is the one accountable for any mistake or any work that needs to be done.

This is absurd; individuals are accountable for their own happiness, their own basic needs and their own responsibilities. 

Women should not be the only ones making sacrifices, moreover they should not be even complimented on their hard work and sacrifices. 

She is NOT a “good wife” if she keeps your happiness before hers, if she is sacrificing & compromising, if she tolerates, if she does all the work by herself and if she is only pleasing your family and not herself.

People are conditioned to think like this but this is the norm that needs to be broken because this generation knows better. 

There is a need for “good wives and good husbands” both to keep peace and happiness. Basic needs and basic responsibilities are to be shared between both the individuals, even if they are the simplest of tasks. After all we are all humans and need the same amount of comfort and the feeling of being loved. Small gestures can make your life much easier- be it cooking, cleaning, laundry or taking care of your babies and each other at the same time. 

All of these are life skills, it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not, you need these skills to live a better life, so why restrict these responsibilities to only women?

How times have changed…

Times have changed drastically and so have people and their deep conditioned mentality, at least some of them! 

Middle class families now have preferences- they know the fact that you need both husband and wives to be working in order to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle because of the increased expenses of raising a family. 

Women are now working due to improved access to employment opportunities, education and financial pressures.

Moreover, the feeling of being independent hits different. 

Women have started acknowledging their worth, they know the taste of being free and do whatever they want without being dependent on someone’s money, etc.

There are lots of men who have the sense that their wives are their equals, and are not threatened by their better salary package.

They do not let their egos come in between the sacred bond, that is marriage. So all is not lost. 

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November 9, 2021