Weddings & Pandemic
How things have changed in the new reality.

Recent years have forced us to have new outlooks on LOVE and life. Pandemic though brutal has also presented learnings that we otherwise continue to baltanly read instead of fully understanding its meaning , enabling us to grow and realise deeper importance & meanings of life. 


        The Importance of Human Interaction

As many of us were dwelling & learning to embrace isolated lifestyles, the slow flow of life, away from the usual bustle of everyday happenings,  we found a fact being repeated to us that couldn’t be ignored- ‘humans are social beings’.

It has given a chance for families to rekindle and strengthen their bonds through sweet and bitter memories while for the ones who were stranded all alone it had put their mental and emotional state to test. 

People who had to go through it alone had their equal share of enlightenments- they took up intensive self-care journeys, being self-reliant, harbouring new or old ailing hobbies of theirs, leaning closer to their SELF and towards the beauty in the quietness of life. 

Nevertheless, they still felt a need to reach out- for being able to have a face to face interaction, to lean upon someone during the treacherous days of lonesomeness. 

For this taught us whether we were with family or alone that there is strength, safety and warmth when facing the worst, together. 

Making us believe how life can be a much smoother sail with someone beside you. 

Letting us yearn into the prospect of living in community, building families & on a lookout for a companion such as a life partner, shedding positive light on marriages. 


How did Weddings change?

With the sudden outbreak of the virus and prolonged lock downs, countless weddings were put on hold, throwing the wedding business into jeopardy . 

Along with which it had also impacted people who were looking forward to tying the knots or searching for one.  

But that didn’t deter our hopes, people continued to carve new opportunities that they were otherwise not aware of: 


  • Weddings are more intimate and meaningful…

Since new-age couples are looking towards meaningful relationships, they have gotten the perfect excuse to include only those who matter to them (plus it cuts the budget too). 

Many had to shrink their guest list, and had to host a much simpler one in contrast to  what they might have initially imagined. 

Giving both families and couples to interact and revel in the preparation of the ceremonies together, bringing them closer without having to worry about the needs and wants of a mass guest list.


  •  Adapting and unleashing the power of virtual means. 

‘ Communication is the root to building strong relationships.’

Virtual platforms have been a boon to us in this matter.

A few tweaks here and there in our plans has helped us in connecting prospective couples to reach out, stay in contact and pursue each other through online platforms.

          Some of them took vows with a virtual audience!


  • Pausing &  getting a chance to know each other better

The slowing time, slowed down problems and slowed down conversations has given many to opportunity to gain an enriched understanding and experience

The Pandemic break gave the pursuing couples  ample space, time & depth in understanding each other’s nuances before getting into a knot, helping them build meaningful bonds virtually. 

All in all, the wave of Pandemic has been able to shed some positivity, the above were the few we could collect and count on. 

‘Amid the storm, you learn to build your own calm’. As a Matrimony service caterer, we struck our own streak of ‘optimism’ in the darkness of uncertain times, committing to new ways of connecting two souls on search, conforming to our NEW reality. 

November 9, 2021