Things you must look out for before saying ‘YES’ for marriage

Do you remember the sweet old childhood days? Playing with kitchen sets or the bride-groom family game, reimagining what it might feel like getting married. Giggling our way through the merry imagination of it all.

But as we grow up, our thoughts evolve,  getting a better grip on reality. That is as adults, thinking about the same matter now makes us nervous and sweaty, specifically when it’s about planning one’s own marriage. 

One is overwhelmed by the pressurised feeling of making a decision of a lifetime. Our family & of course our social circle, putting us on a ticking time bomb.

But as we dive into the zone- often the beginning or infatuation stages of love allows us all to fall head over heels but is that all we need to sustain our entire lives?

 Do you know your partner well? 

So you finally like the person on your first meet. Great! And it has been a week or two, and the only things that you know about him are—favourite sport? Color? Or food? Family Members and nothing mote?

Ummm…. That’s not so great. If you are planning to choose him or her as a potential spouse you need to spend more time together, dig deeper and assess the nuances. 

By digging deep we don’t just mean the superficial information, but noticing their habits & the way they behave in certain environments. 

We try to put our best foot forward in Initial interactions 

Background Study

One should get a thorough background check. You should get to know the behaviour of a person with everyone around him or her. This reflects the true nature and behaviour towards the opposite gender and even the financial and reputation standing in the society. With the help of our matrimonial services and portfolio analysis, one can get the right detailings of background and thus help you find your perfect match. 

Expectations & Intentions 

A ground of clarity of thoughts should be maintained to avoid any confusion in future. The kind of expectations one has from their potential spouse should be discussed in-depth as both of them are on the same page and thus understand each other expectations and ambitions. Marriage often becomes bitter because of some unresolved expectations.  One should express the intention behind getting married clearly. One should never hesitate of sharing thoughts on marriage. 

Role of Families 

Families from both sides play a very vital role in any marriage. Not only knowing your partner will not lead to a happy marriage but knowing your potential In-laws is also very important. Do get to know about their expectations or queries they might need to share with you. This will give one a clear perspective and help them to prepare mentally for it. 

Considerate towards your career 

Let them know about your standing in your work life, your goals, dreams & aspirations. If they have some other plans or issues you will know about it at an early stage and will help you take a decision accordingly. For a leading a happy married life one needs to take care of each other’s dreams and ambitions. It’s simple, partners need to support each other in life to grow professionally and mentally. 

Is He /She the one? 

Communication is the key. Try to know your partner’s thoughts on the right to equality or gender neutrality. The thought process needs to be evolved with this fast pacing modern 21st-century world. Differences in thoughts can lead to many arguments thus getting stuck in that kind of relationship can be disturbing. 

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February 18, 2022