Things to look for in a life partner
‘Know your worth, don’t settle for anything less’

What comes to your mind first when you see this question? Let us take a guess- your other half should be kind, intelligent, attractive and  have a sense of humour. These are definitely some nice qualities but is that it? To lead a happy married life? 

To build a lifelong commitment, you need to be sure about certain things and go in depth with your own feelings and what you require as an individual. 

Less physical, more emotional

Your emotional needs are far more important than how your partner looks and if he’s attractive or not. I mean, attractiveness matters but to a certain point. If you click with a person, then it’s the end game.

Your emotional baggage requires someone who matches this level or understands your feelings and supports you in every way possible. 

Basically, you need emotional maturity in your partner.  

Their support means they value your feelings and relate with you in these matters.

They should be open with you as well, listening is something that should come from both sides. Opening up is a sense of intimacy. 

Another essential aspect being respectful towards each other and each other’s feelings, no matter whatever secrets you might share with each other. Keeping aside the ‘judgemental aunty thoughts’, understanding each other on a personal level and being sensitive about not using these things against each other ever is what keeps it going. 

Independent in their own way

Independence is different for every person, some people simply want to be happy in whatever they have, and others want to hustle and struggle till they achieve their greatest. 

Now, this should align with your personal thoughts and future plans as well. This aspect totally depends on your own state of independence and how you want your significant other to be. 

If your goals, thoughts, values and future plans don’t sit well with your spouse, it can become difficult and be a turning point in your marriage, hence this quality is one of the most important ones in order to choose your ‘the one’.

         “Choose someone who inspires you to be a better person

Honesty is the key

Whatever is the end result or the conclusion, your partner must possess the power of ‘honesty’ in them. Yes, it is a power. People usually get stressed when it comes to keeping their no-filter thoughts out there. But well, it’s needed most of the time. Your partner should be your best friend, best companion. Know them, feel their emotions  and make them your priority. 

Not taking life too seriously 

Your partner should definitely have a nice sense of humour, this is subjective as well. Everyone has a certain taste in humour. What matters, in the end, is if he or she is making you happy, making you laugh and not keeping things too serious. 

Every now and then, some decisions require you to be thinking too much but you both should have a way of communicating and solving things together, no matter what. 

Gotta admit that your responsibilities would be doubled as soon as you tie the knot, but that doesn’t mean you stop and stare at the ‘serious’ ceiling. Whatever happens, life is not meant to be considered as just a bunch of responsibilities, it should be fun and frolic at the same time.

You should enjoy the company of your partner and you should go to them whenever you feel dull. More the laughs, more the solutions to your biggest problems, more the fun in your marriage.


Lastly, your other half should be comfortable and content with your family and your values. The family has an important role to play in your marriage and the connection needs to be there. They should be considerate towards the decisions and thoughts of your loved ones just as much as they think of you. 

It’s okay to have standards; try our elite matrimonial services if you think you need to find your better half on your own terms and interests. We think we can get you your ‘most desirable’ match.

January 25, 2022