Things to discuss with your Potential Spouse
“Communication is the lifeline of any marriage”

From the day we start to understand what Love is, everyone starts to fantasize about their perfect partner in their minds. While we have many ideas of what our ‘knight in shining armour’ or ‘beautiful damsel’ might be like on the fantasy plane, chasing after a feeling rather than their personified version in reality.

It is easy to jump to the conclusion of getting married when you are in the infatuation phase- often missing out on the key aspect of understanding each other.

So before you head out to dive into tying the happily-ever-after knot with your future companion, take some time to know a lot about yourself and your to-be spouse.

A list of questions you can start off with:

While ideally knowing someone might take up a million questions plus situations combined, that is simply not very possible in reality. Some simple & essential questions that could start off are:

  1. How important is your Career to you?  
  2. What is ‘LOVE’ to you? 
  3. 5 adjectives that describe the life partner you are searching for. 
  4. Are you a work-o-holic? Be honest. How much time will you be able to give to your family?
  5. 5 things that you think are your positive attributes. 5 things that you wish to work on. 
  6. Describe your dream home.
  7. Name your deal-breakers. 
  8. Do you smoke or drink? What are your hobbies?
  9. What will rapidly come first on your priority list?

   – Career, Family, Self Needs

  1.  Top three to five attributes that you are looking out for in a life partner? 
  2.  How strongly do you believe when it comes to Political aspects?
  3.  Are you religious? Would you want me to follow your culture & traditions post marriage?
  4.  Do you want me to move in with your family post marriage? Or to live independently? 
  5.  What are your thoughts on having kids?
  6.  In case, we do live independently post-marriage- how open would you be to either of our parents living with us in case of emergency or for the time when they can’t seem to support themselves? 
  7.  Are you interested in lending a hand with the household chores? How shall we demarcate the responsibilities? 

What kind of living will you be sharing- will you be having a joint family or a nuclear family? And many more questions to know a person from a 360-degree perspective.

While the list can go endless, we believe this is enough to help you carry forward with the rest of the story. 

If you want to start it off light, like a fun compatibility test- click here to know. 

What ultimately matters is asking questions that matter to YOU, questions that resonate with your core values- that can’t be compromised with. 

It’s important that each of you answers these questions- for as absurd as it may sound,  any of them could be a deal-breaker for you or your prospective match.


The art of Communication

Having gone through the core-value marriage is about different compromises. Communication and being honest to each other  is the key to strengthening your bond. Express your feelings openly with each other to work things out. After getting to know each other about their lifestyle, habits, likes and dislikes, weigh if you both can compromise or adjust on your differences.

Well, there would not be a full agreement on every aspect of the discussion, there will be some compromises to be made from both sides embracing each other’s imperfections. Sometimes it is said that marriage is hard,  but often with the right person it’s worth it. 

Be on the same page: Clarity on each other’s outlook in life.

Discussions are essential. Planning is more important. It’s important to be vocal about your decisions and aspirations before and after marriage.

With Wedding tales matrimony services, we collate the information of matches and similar profiles together. Research states that commonalities & ability to adjust some differences keep relationships strong.

 When two people have a similar gravitational pull, it creates less division and less judgment to deal with in later stages of life. Discovering what you and your loved one have in common – will bring the two individuals together. The common experiences and thoughts will elicit gratitude for a relationship forever- lending you endless memories to cherish.

January 25, 2022