The search for a life partner in the era of technology
Can technology really help us find our ‘THE ONE’?

Stumbling upon love and a life partner is no joke.

Be it old times or today’s technologically advanced world, finding a life partner who resonates with you is still a big-time task but luckily not impossible!

Though the world is constantly evolving & innovating, modernizing its thoughts & views, a human’s quest for ‘LOVE’ and a ‘loving life partner’ continues to prevail even today. 

What has technology changed?

The good & bad……

Postcards & notecards got replaced by SMS & WhatsApp. 

Emotions are more easily expressed with a bunch of emojis, than a bunch of flowers or little gifts of affection. 

It has given birth to a generation that bonds over memes, reels & tick-tocks. 

Also changing the way we pursue and source for love a.k.a online-dating.

Technology has just changed the way we communicate, keeping our feelings & need for meaningful relationships intact just like the good old days.  

Busy lifestyle has somewhere taken off people from the actual hassle of finding their significant other. The chase and the actual effort is now replaced with DM and whatsapp check-ins. This is the new “showing affection”. 

Ease of communication has made it difficult for a lot of potential and real relationships. Some people need a connection as compared to just conversations. 

We think finding love in a world that communicates better would be easier, but is it so? 

Finding a lifelong companion aka a life partner is still or even more challenging in today’s day.

Our generation is quite dependent on everything online- be it dating, communication or simply being in touch. This is “modern love”.

Use TECH to your advantage 

Making the way for love through social media, communications and online dating can be actually a fruitful call if you are aware of how you should turn things in your favor. You can facetime them and make use of the face to face formulas of relationships, instead of just texts. 

Love finds its way anyways, so be it long distances or only tech relationships, no one can stop you from finding your soulmate.

Technology has made it easier for people to connect

Long-distance relationships: During the lockdown phase, everyone was forced to sustain their relationships from a long distance. Some relationships got stronger and some were no more. Most couples are often on the move, they require these mediums to actually find what they are searching for. 

A boon during the lockdown- allowing people to communicate with new people or existing people in their lives through some clicks. Anytime and anywhere, tech connection made it super easy for many potential or already existing relationships to dig deep into each other’s lives and spend time.    

Dating sites & online dating cons

Nothing serious? 

Well, mostly yes! You can’t find a serious relationship or marriage-like perspective on dating sites. Most of them are looking out for something casual. 

On dating sites, there is a lack of information about the person and how he actually feels too. You don’t know the person’s background.

There may be deceitful or scammers and the relationships can lack the trust factor which makes love incomplete and missing from the scenario.

Basically, all these relationships totally rely on tech algorithms and how online dating works.

Yes, you can sometimes make use of tech for the good but dating sites are not that great of an option. They can work but rarely. 

Pros of personalised matchmaking

Hence, personalised matchmaking is the way to go and here are some reasons this is the apt choice. 

. This service involves both human & tech research which in turn gives us optimum results. The experience as well as the tech helps us understand the person and relationship better. 

. Thorough authentication of personal information & family background is done beforehand by the agency before handing out the bio-data. It can also build trust and the parties don’t need to worry about letting these things come in between them in the near future. 

. These services are specialised in understanding their clientele needs & curating a list accordingly that is specific to them.  

. They will be there even after you match for your best interest till the time couples get married. The primary goal here is being together till the end.

Technology has helped us in bringing couples together, but nevertheless, human guidance is what makes it truly magnificent. 

Start your search for it today . 

November 24, 2021