Personalized Matchmaking
V/s Online Matchmaking,
What’s your take?

As effortless as it seems in rom-com movies, novels & drama- stumbling upon your ‘The One’ in reality turns out to be a rare spectacle.

A miracle that most of us secretly count on to happen- out of the blue. And do things happen the way we wish it to? Sadly not always…… 

How did Match-making come into practice? 

While destiny had been a blessing to few, for the rest it was a long test of ‘search’ & sheer ‘luck’ throughout the history and so stays true till this date- a need that gave birth to the culture of match-making, involving experts who intervened- to ease the process.

A practice that ran deep in the past where a match-maker often turned up to be a family member or some distant known to who from a birds eye view, heard, observed and chirped the details of both individuals ( to their families) to decide if the match was a good fit or not. 

The problem? In the past, the majority of matrimonial bodies looked upon the agreement of the family, often excluding the opinion of the two individuals.

And as we step into the booming age of technology and the modern world- an age where people put paramount importance on their independence & right to test the compatibility amongst each other, the same methods of the past fail to work the good deed being taken over by Online Matchmaking platforms and Personalized Matchmaking firms of today. 

While both stems solve the root problem, we need to compare if the methods are reliable enough to bring quality matches to the candidates.  

Online Matchmakers- 

where Technology leads

Looking out for a ‘life partner’ online from the comfort of your home? Well, none of us would have imagined this day- that some complex looking algorithms would be suggesting life partner choices based on your interests, likes and the bio you upload.

Helping you sort through, allowing you to find people of your desired age,  caste, listing their employment status and beliefs. 

But can technology solely help us source ‘genuine’ relationships today?

While online matchmaking has become prevalent there are many hidden factors left unchecked which is why many who are on the search for true bonding & elite matrimony services still have their guards up. 

Here’s why: 

  1.  Many matrimonial profiles, but too few to be compatible with.

True, online matchmaking sites offer us the independence to choose from a vast ocean of options but are that all we need? 

Thousands of profiles might seem like a good catch to surf through, but this also means you have to go through hundreds of trials and errors unless you want to settle for anything less. 

And often, there are a handful of people who actually find the ‘marriage- material’ sort.

  1. The questionable authenticity of the profiles shared

Knowing if the information shared is genuine or not is a fact to be reckoned with, and it’s something the online platform doesn’t help you with. 

This means Online matchmaking can be a breeding ground for many fake imposters

You will have to verify the information on your terms.

  1. The algorithm curates the profiles 

The only human intervention that’s involved in online matchmaking is feeding code to their system to match the likes and interests based on your fed info. 

While technology has advanced, when humans themselves couldn’t figure out the truly complex nature of ‘love’ and ‘compatibility’ wholly,  why should we put our entire trust in ‘technology’? 

The Personalized Matchmakers- 

Linked by human experts

Personalized matchmakers of today are quite different from your next-door Dolly aunty- who follows trails of gossip and collects uncanny half-eaten information as many would like to ‘perceive’ when they hear the word ‘match-maker’.

Here’s why:

  1. We bring a handful but on spot desirable matches
  2. Personalised list

It’s no less than an art, our keen understanding of the subject to orchestrate handfuls but quality matches are because of the years of experience we have garnered.

Despite having an endless list of eligible candidates, we don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time and energy.

  1. Bring holistic satisfaction to both family & individuals 

We take time to study each of our candidates, understanding each one’s desires and their likes and dislikes, bringing matches that feel good to both couples and their families alike.

Personalized matchmakers devote their own time to curate the match that meets the compatibility factor for both sides- the couples and family both. 

  1. Thoroughly cross-checked Genuine profiles

The horror of finding out the person you trusted and had shown your vulnerable side doesn’t turn out to be what you thought! Here’s where we put our foot. 

The matchmakers make recommendations after doing the background checks, squeezing out information with the help of our private detective (shall you need it) so we can skim out any fraudulency, meaning we bring 100% verified profiles and allow you to trust without having to think a hundredth times. 

  1. We use technology to our advantage

We don’t detest technology, it’s a boon to us. Our services involve both human & tech research which in turn gives us optimum results. The tech helps us in sorting, curating & understanding our candidates and relationships better. 

Yes, we don’t let tech sail its own way instead we utilize the best of both worlds. 

  1. We protect your information 
  2. Confidentiality

While we discover a lot about each family and individual, our principles keep us tight-lipped about giving away your information blatantly to any other soul. 

For those of you who chose to go the confidential route, we make sure your privacy and identity are protected until you give a heads up.

  1. Which one to Root for? 

While you may expect us to answer this question for you, honestly it’s your sole decision to make after going through each pro & cons. 

Many influential and elite families refrain from using online matchmaking platforms- because they are often at the risk of being unreliable. 

Wedding Tales Matrimony has been trusted by many influential families and this has enabled us to edge towards giving out the best.

Visit our website to let the testimonies speak for themselves.

January 25, 2022