Love marriage v/s arranged marriage?

Marriage is a commitment that cannot be entirely left to fate. Choosing the right life partner is an important aspect of life. And in India the question whether love marriage is better or arranged marriage, still resounds? A dilemma that echoes for those who wishes to step forward into this new phase of life.

This debate is endless, this blog aims to traverse through both the aspect that’ll help you make a sound decision. 

For the youth of today, an arranged marriage may seem like a relic from our grandparent’s era. Surprisingly, it is still immensely popular not just in India but all over the globe. It is serving as a novel approach to traditional wedding matrimony. Many high-end matchmaking services offer personalized profiles to the youth looking for love in an arranged setup. Matrimonial sites play cupid for couples who want to fall in love under the arranged umbrella of parents and elders of the family.

Online matrimonial services provide a one-stop solution with profiles that are filtered to match your liking and interests. It also matches the preferences of your family and has a similar interest in finding the right match for you. Wedding Tales Matrimony provides an elite matrimony service that plays the role of a modern-day dating site for elite young couples. Looking for your true love while valuing your parents’ wishes was never easier. Though arranged marriage is a concept not new in Indian culture, youngsters are increasingly hiring matrimonial services to tie the knot. Elite matrimony services help families in the same social circle connect with each other — something they might persist due to their reputation.

Love marriage, a risk worth taking?

Love marriages often happens between two couples who had shared a romantic relationship, prior to the marriage. A love marriage often breaks such stereotypes for their union like disapprovals that looms over  inter-caste marriages, monetary issues and status inequality. 

Until the family is open-minded and receptive, an approval rarely comes, specifically from the elders of the society. Which is why often couples tend to either go against their families or put huge efforts on making them agree ( which the families half-heartedly agrees to). 

The responsibility of solving issues and conflicts lies solely with them. With the mutual consent of the couple, a love marriage does not bow under the pressures of society. 

If the partners know each other well and share a great mutual understanding to start with, things tend to run smooth. But, for individuals who make haste decisions or ignore all the red flags  in an infatuated are often the ones to fall victim of a difficult married life ahead

There could be disagreements on the settled responsibilities, values & expectations, hence why one should be cautious- especially when they are going against all odds, their own family to get married to their desired life partner. 

 An immature decision made during the phase of passionate but blinding love means one is at risk of finding pressing disappointments on their way, with both their spouse and former families. 

Moreover, the elders in the family are often hesitant in giving their approval to love marriages to protect their family name and social status. All in all love marriages can be an exciting, fulfilling journey and trickier to tackle with and is ideal only when you are 100% sure about the person. 

Arranged Marriages of The New Age

Arranged marriages are marital unions in which two individuals meet in an arranged meeting. It is done through their respective families, mostly parents, matchmakers or the more popular matrimonial services these days. Back in the olden times, the couple usually met once before marriage or at times the couple would see each other on the wedding day itself. 

New age arranged marriages are unlike the past days. With the onset of the millennial and Gen Z era, the wedding scenario in India has transformed hugely. The youth today want to get married with their parent’s consent. Parents too want to give freedom of choice and an equal say to now an educated and empowered youth. The youth today want to have a modern marriage which is equal, not only in terms of economic and social status but also similar in religious and cultural ethos. 

The couples today are given ample time to decide and ponder after multiple meetings with likeable options. The modern matrimony expert usually does the research & hardwork- suggesting only potential matches, ensuring a through background check to eliminate any case of fraudelancy, and keeping a tab ont he progress of their & their families likeliness towards each other.

Our modernised ways deliver an elite matrimony experience treat. In a win-win situation, the couples, their families and the society all are in favour of the match. 

Divorce rates for arranged marriages linked through the prestigious matrimonial firms are majorly low since we have put all the hardwork, efforts & grit to ensure we suggest only the best. 

Arranged marriages have evolved in a way that they give an environment which helps the youth to make an informed decision. With the help of matchmaking services such as Wedding Tale Matrimony, they get enough time to fall in love and also gain a compatible partner. It results in a match which is consented to and well respected in the social circle. The couple enjoys veto power. Whereas the family stands strong with them in their decision with the least influence in the decision-making. 

Marriage is a sacred union which deserves equality, commitment and respect, whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Finding your true love in your life partner is all a couple aspires for and should be a joyous and a special experience, whether it is love or an arranged marriage. 

What better way than to stumble upon that true love through elite matrimony services at Wedding Tale Matrimony? With a busy lifestyle, the elite youth of today have their task sorted with our expert counsellors. We help facilitate meetings with the best-suited profiles curated after matching the likes and interests of not only the couple but also their family.


A contemporary love enlaced arranged match awaits you!

July 1, 2022