How Elite Matrimony Services are Striking the Balance Between Traditions and Modern Love?

India, a country of 1.3 billion people, has seen seismic changes in recent decades, including economic liberalization, rapid urbanization, and economic reform, however social customs such as arranged marriages have remained ingrained. 

This is where high-end Wedding Tales Matrimony  for elite matrimony services come into the picture. A high-end matrimonial business uses sophisticated technologies to match profiles based on variables such as location, education, and family background. A marriage counselor is employed by the company to provide personal or relationship counseling.

Marriages in India weren’t specifically a match made in heaven, rather made by your long lost relatives, who might or might not have the best interest in your happiness. The new generation doesn’t abide by these laws and they are very clear about it. The millennials follow Miss. Briganza’s advice, “Pyaar dosti hai.” Yes, as cliche as it might sound, they truly believe that friendship and companionship are the foundation of a happy marriage.

What changes do Wedding Tales Matrimony for elite matrimony services bring to arranged matchmaking services ?

Wedding Tales Matrimony for elite agency are a glimmer of hope for a search for the ideal spouse. Prospects meet with a relationship manager, who well grasps the requirements of both the prospect and his family. Relationship managers or marriage counselors assist single elites in finding life partners. Their services are dedicated to bringing new beginnings in the lives of suitable brides and grooms around the world. 

Elites’ lives differ from those of others in many respects, including their expectations for a life partner. While they do hunt for a match with a comparable social background and status, they place a high value on the educational backgrounds of their potential partners. 

Every elite member has different needs when it comes to selecting a life partner, therefore finding candidates involves a thorough filtration process. Relationship managers sift through profiles based on preferences including family background, culture, profession, wealth, education, location, interests, and more.

The prospects are then led to a personalized meeting with the desired profile with the assistance of the marriage counselors. The counselor further keeps both parties in loop with the feedback. They work cooperatively with the members, helping them throughout the pairing process.

A modern take on tradition

While we may associate an arranged marriage with showing up at the altar for the first time to meet your spouse, the modern version involves more negotiation. Today’s modern arranged marriages involve a veto power while the family remains a supporting witness. Thus, the emphasis is given on freedom. Indians are big on arranged matchmaking, but as the economic, and social power of families is improving, they are moving towards giving the children more and more say in choosing their partner.  

Modern India is against forced marriage and the women are now empowered due to their educational background. They believe mutual admiration and an equal say is what drives modern marriages to success. However, as many Indian families come from a royal lineage, the belief in arranged marriages is not eliminated and the children respect it as well. 

An arranged marriage has the advantage of forming partnerships of equal, if not better — in terms of economic, social, and political status. Matchmaking is also used to verify that people have similar religious and cultural ideas. High-end matchmaking agencies help modern India find love and companionship among their social circle. Win-win situation!

Are modern-day arranged marriages successful ?

Modern arranged marriages entail a variety of matchmaking procedures, with each family customizing their own version to suit their modern identities and objectives. Just like all other Indian customs, the tradition of arranged marriages is being adopted all over the world by the US and UK citizens. 

The failed relationships and awkward dates can be quite frustrating for the youth. In today’s hectic life, we all need someone who supports us economically, emotionally, psycologically and physically. 

Today, love as learning entails first identifying the limits of family expectations and preferences in terms of future relationships. Second, it necessitates putting that knowledge into practice through self-criticism and falling in love with someone who would likely be approved by one’s parents. Many people around the globe are confirming the formula as a key to successful marriages and a lesser divorce rate.

We must go past the notion that love and arrangement must be mutually exclusive, recognising the distinctions between traditional Eastern and modern Western societies. In reality, as the prevalent marriage types among British Indians now demonstrate, love and arrangement may coexist.


Arranged marriages set up by elite matrimony is considered as the perfect way to meet the desires of both the parents and the child, not as a compromise. Wedding Tales Matrimony is the definition of high-end matchmaking services. They are known for their selection process- which is rigorous and ruthless. 

The team at Wedding Tales Matrimony shortlists compatible proposals, dispatches compatible proposals to both sides of the families and further steps in to arrange meetings between both the families. Your soulmate might not be out there in a book cafe or your office corridor, but in one of our databases.

May 30, 2022