Elite Services

Elite Service – Package Membership Charges – Rs 4 Lac INR* (+18% GST)

 • Personal Visit to the family.
  • Personalizod case handling and bio-data short listing by Mrs. Anand (Director).
 • Confidentiality of your ward and family profile will be maintained.
 • All Proposals are first sent to you and your profile will be only sent with your consent.
 • Arranging meetings with desired profiles accompanled by our director (Nitika) in the meetings.
• Providing you with the feedback after the meetings and follow-up with concerned families.
• Visiting the family of your interest and having a look at their set up.
• Verification of the business and the properties will be done of the desired match.
• Marriage counseling for the wards hesitant from marriage.
• Interact and visit the family which is from your own sources but hesitant to start the interaction and pursue matter.
• Exploring matches from other sources and multi-channel search will be done in your case without disclosing your name

Same amount will be charged once the alliance is fixed through us.

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A wholesome fulfilling marriage that matches the expectations of yours & your family background as well- sounds like an ideal match!  ‘Elite matrimony services’ provided by The Wedding Tales Matrimony can help you achieve these expectations. 

Our services are edged with personalised matchmaking to help deliver the best to the renowned families, managed by an experienced marriage consultant who will always be at your side. 

Elite matrimonial services follow the customs of a traditional marriage even during the matchmaking process. All proposals are initially shared with the prospect and his or her family, and each profile is sent only with consent. 

Our elite services in Delhi cater to high-class matrimony and can be found at Wedding Tales Matrimony. The leading matchmaking agency deals in high-profile matrimony cases where our director (Mrs. Nikita Anand) supervises each case personally. The supervision also includes providing the clients with feedback after the meeting and following up with the families. 

Why choose an Wedding Tales matrimony site?

Whether you are on a lookout for authentic meaningful marriages, late marriage matrimony or a widow remarriage matrimony, our elite matchmaker will help you with exploring matches. Remarriage websites such as Wedding Tales Matrimony find matches via multi-channel search without disclosing your name. It is an easy way out to visit the families in your inner circle. 

Elite matchmaking services help with matchmaking in a modern yet classic approach that satisfies both younger and older generations. The elaborately built dating system provides personalised preferences that are 100% authentic profiles, supported by a committed team of relationship managers, marriage counsellors and elite matchmakers. Many matrimony agencies like Wedding Tales Matrimony respects its clients’ privacy and does not disclose any information without their permission. 

A senior marriage advisor first asks the customer about their expectations from their partner. The senior adviser connects with favourable profiles and collects feedback after learning about the client’s needs. This feedback is utilized to improve the client’s profile, following which they are sent over a thousand profiles. Once the customer has found a match, they can schedule appointments with desired prospects.

How do Wedding Tales elite matrimony services differ from general Indian matrimonial services?

Elite matrimony services are customized and exclusive. Each prospect is assisted by a marriage counselor. The counselor accompanies the prospects to the arranged meetings with the desired families. All details of the prospects are considered to fill in the biodata and shortlist the options. During the entire process, confidentiality is maintained. Wedding Tales matrimony services conduct a multi-channel search without revealing the identity. After the meeting, the prospects are given feedback by the counselor, and follow-ups with the concerned families are provided. 

  • Highly confidential services 

Another benefit of choosing a personalised matchmaking service is the possibility of maintaining confidentiality. While exploring matrimonial websites, it’s not uncommon to come across a neighbour or someone you went to school with. The elite matchmakers limit your search and bring the best profiles to your table.

  • Trusted by Elite Families 

High-class elite matrimonial services are trusted by elite families of the society. At times, people shy away from interacting with their inner circle. Elite matchmaking agencies help such families find respectful and elite families. 

  • Renowned matchmaking firm

While we live in the internet age, it has taken over our lives and we rely on it for practically everything we need, including love. The rapid increase in the number of online dating and matrimony websites has created a whole new way of meeting people and finding love. However, many people do not believe in going through a few photos to select their life partner. With elite, renowned matchmaking services, the prospects get personalised services and assistance at every step of the way from experts.

High-profile matrimonial services such as Wedding Tales Matrimony offer elite matchmaking services for prospects looking for a partner or seeking solutions for remarriage, widow matrimony, and late marriage. After reaching a certain age, people might not be able to rely on online dating due to a lack of credibility. With personalised elite matchmaking services, this problem is eliminated and prospects can do a bio-data check of the desired profiles. 

With elite matchmaking, both parties can strike the balance between love marriage and arranged marriage. A spouse with whom they can connect and who satisfies their family’s expectations is truly a win-win situation that can be achieved with elite matchmaking services by Wedding Tales Matrimony.