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About the Founder

Mrs. Nitika Anand having a world class experience in matrimonial business and will to excel and grab all opportunities the Managing Partner Mrs. Nitika Anand is the main face of the Company. A young dynamic and profession oriented women basically from Delhi has dedicated her many years working in the matrimonial profession for all the renowned families from India and abroad. Mrs. Nitika has worked along with few matrimonial companies only dealing in elite class business families and has started her own alliance company which is coming out as a huge success among top notch business families.
Our Founder Mrs. Nitika Anand

Wedding Tales Matrimony

WEDDING TALES MATRIMONY is the definition of high-end matchmaking services. All you have to do is let our team get to know you on a personal level, and we will arrange everything from there.

Our matchmaking model uniquely blends professional consultation with a foundation of psychological principles. We work with you to define your ideal partner and, together, work towards achieving your goals.

“We at WEDDING TALES MATRIMONY are providing professional edge and modernization to the very Indian rooted norms of matrimony. Weddingtales Matrimony having well educated faculty and partners from well to do business family are aiming to provide our clients with the best matrimonial services available in the market. Unlike any Pandit, shastri, broker or web portal we manage our data bases like any other MNC, keep information of our clients confidential and aim to provide as much personalized services as possible. Time to time we introduce innovative services into the business from hiring a detective to personal visits for verification in India and Abroad.”

“This is why we call it an MATRIMONY Company and not a MATCHMAKING company as we just not believe in scanning a match but in getting an ALLIANCE Fixed.”

WEDDING TALES MATRIMONY is a first generation family business. With over 14years’ combined experience, we are widely credited as being the pioneers of the matchmaking industry. Coupled with our elegant approach to what we do, our longevity, pedigree and exceptional success rate have seen us welcomed into the world’s most privileged and fiercely guarded social circles. We have the connections and networks to attract the right people for the right people.


“Finding your one true love may take you a lifetime, so if you need a little help, WEDDING TALES MATRIMONY is at your service – one of the first and most prestigious matchmaking firms in the world, WEDDINGTALES was founded before the age of online matchmaking services and offers a highly personal service.”
High-end matchmaking services by Wedding Tales Matrimony
Our clients don’t compromise and neither do we. Our selection process is rigorous — ruthless, even — and has resulted in a private client list that is the envy of many. High-achieving, high-performing, and with the world as their playground, our clients are part of a select group of people where equals are few and far between. Their lives may be limitless, but the number of suitable partners they meet most certainly isn’t. We redress this imbalance and introduce them one to the other, selectively, seamlessly.